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BOI Sustainable Initiatives

Airport Sustainability

The city'sĀ vision is to make Boise, Idaho the most livable city in the country. LIV Boise is an expression of this vision. By focusing on sustainable policies, practices and partnerships, this citywide effort will promote livability across three strategic focus areas: Lasting Environments, Innovative Enterprises and Vibrant Communities.

Below are just a few examples of how theĀ Boise Airport plays a key role in helping the city achieve this goal. If you'd like to learn more about how our city is working together to make Boise more livable, be sure to read the livability report.

2017 Livability Report

Lasting Environments

  • Airline Electric Vehicles
  • Pre-Conditioned Air Units

Innovative Enterprises

  • SkyWest Maintenance Facility
  • Economic Impact

Vibrant Communities

  • New Concessions
  • eLibrary!
  • Public Art
Electric Vehicles

SkyWest uses electric vehicles

Low Water Landscaping

Low Water Landscaping