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BOI Accessibility

Accessibility & Non-Discrimination

The Boise Airport, a department of the City of Boise, offers a variety of services for passengers with disabilities. Numerous accessibility services such as TTY pay telephones and visual paging monitors are available inside the terminal to assist travelers with special needs. Personal assistance is available 24 hours from marked paging phones located throughout the terminal.

ADA and Title VI

Please direct all Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) questions, requests for auxiliary aids or service, requests for alternate format or any other concerns or complaints to the Airport Administration Offices during regular business hours 208-383-3110.

To review the City of Boise/Boise Airport Americans with Disabilities Act Complaint Procedures, or to file a complaint, please go to the City of Boise ADA and Section 504 webpage.

For information on non-discrimination obligations or for information on filing a complaint, please go to the City of Boise Title VI webpage.

City of Boise ADA/504 Coordinator
625 W Idaho Street
Boise, ID 83702
Voice: 208-384-3850
TDD/TTY: 800-377-3529

Boise Airport ADA/504 Department Liaison
3201 Airport Way, Suite 1000
Boise, ID 83705
Voice: 208-383-3110
TDD/TTY: 800-377-3529

Title VI Coordinator
625 West Idaho Street
Boise, ID 83701
Fax: 208-384-3868

Boise Airport Title VI Department Liaison
Amy Snyder
3201 Airport Way, Suite 1000
Boise, ID 83705
Voice: 208-383-3110 
TDD/TTY: 800-377-3529


Departing passengers may use curbside unloading on the upper level roadway in front of the terminal. Some airlines provide curbside baggage check-in. All airlines provide curbside wheelchair assistance; most airlines have contracted with Streamline Airport Services for wheelchair assistance 208-999-2544. Please call in advance if you need this service, advance arrangements with airlines will insure a prompt response. Please do not leave the vehicle unattended at the curb to seek assistance as this may result in the vehicle being ticketed.


Elevators are conveniently located throughout the terminal building, as well as in the parking garage. All public elevators contain braille and lowered control panels to facilitate ease of use. There are several elevators located throughout the public areas of the terminal within close proximity of escalators and stairs.

FAA Notice of Non-Discrimination

FAA Notice of Non-Discrimination in English and Spanish

Gate Access

Passengers requiring assistance to or from the gate areas can be escorted. Passengers should request this service from their airline when scheduling their flight. A family member may also meet a passenger at the gate after obtaining a gate pass from the airline ticket counter.

For further information on this and other services, please contact your airline in advance to inform them of any assistance you may require, e.g., a wheelchair, specific seating requests, dietary preferences, etc.


Visual paging is provided via our Flight Display Monitors located throughout the terminal. To place a visual page, pick up any marked paging phone or call Airport Operations at 208-972-8420.

TTY pay telephones that accommodate the hearing impaired are available pre-security on the first floor next to the restrooms and in the food court to the right past the restrooms, across from Bardenay Restaurant.


Accessible parking spaces are available in all parking facilities operated by Boise Airport. Garage parking can accommodate vehicles of the following heights:

  • Floor 1: 12'0"
  • Floor 2: 10'4"
  • Floor 3: 8'0"
  • Floor 4: 7'3"

Public Transit

ValleyRide provides public transit throughout Boise City and many of the surrounding communities. All buses are wheelchair accessible.


All airport restrooms contain at least one larger stall and grab bars to accommodate individuals with accessibility needs. In addition to wheelchair accessible restroom facilities, Boise Airport offers one family restroom located beyond security screening adjacent to the other restrooms in the food court area. Family restrooms are intended for families with young children, passengers with disabilities or other customers who require assistance.

Security Assistance

Security measures restrict public access beyond passenger screening to ticketed passengers only. However, airlines may allow persons with special needs to be accompanied by health care assistants or guardians. If a friend or family member wants to accompany an elderly or disabled person to or from the aircraft gate, they need to obtain permission from the airline.

For more information, the TSA recommends travelers call the TSA Cares helpline 72 hours before traveling. The toll free number is 1-855-787-2227 and is staffed Monday through Friday from 8 am until 8 pm EST, or e-mail

Service Animal Relief Area

Boise Airport's animal relief area is located pre-security outside the west exit from baggage claim on the first floor. Plastic bags and a container for disposal of solid waste are provided.

Wheelchair Service

Wheelchair and other special assistance is available from airlines. Many airlines have contracted with Streamline Airport Services for wheelchair assistance 208-999-2544. Wheelchairs may also be available from Skycaps along the upper level departing flights roadway.