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BOI Travel Safe Boise

Boise Airport's Guide For Healthy Travel

As leisure and business travel increases in the Treasure Valley, the Boise Airport has made many changes to ensure the health and safety of our community. COVID-19 will have a lasting effect on travel, and passengers will notice changes in the look, feel and passenger experience throughout the terminal.

The preparations the Boise Airport has taken are all in place to slow or stop the spread of germs and viruses. The airport has placed a focus on social distancing, good hygiene practices, mask usage, and sanitation.

"The health and safety or our passengers is always the top priority for the Boise Airport," said Airport Director Rebecca Hupp. "As passengers begin to make plans for future travel, the Boise Airport wants them to know we've taken precautions throughout our facility to offer a clean and healthy environment that is ready for business."

Airport Passenger & Visitor Guidance

Social Distancing: The Boise Airport has placed signage throughout the terminal reminding passengers to social distance by providing 6 feet of space between themselves and anyone who is not a direct member of their household. In high-traffic areas, such as the TSA security checkpoint and baggage claim, the airport has placed markers on the floor indicating where to stand to maintain proper physical distancing.

Face Coverings: The City of Boise’s Public Health Order 20-10 requires individuals to wear face coverings that completely cover the nose and mouth in all indoor and outdoor public places. Beginning July 4, 2020, the Boise Airport will require face coverings for everyone in the airport. Many airlines are requiring passengers to wear masks for the duration of their flight, please check with your airline to be prepared. Passengers will also notice Boise Airport employees, TSA officers, airline employees and many other workers wearing masks for the health and safety of passengers, guests, and employees.

Practice Good Hygiene: The Boise Airport has installed additional hand sanitizing stations throughout the terminal. Passengers should wash their hands regularly or use hand sanitizer while travelling.

Reduce Touch Points: Passengers are encouraged to use mobile boarding passes and carry-on luggage to reduce touch points.

Temperature Screenings: At this point in time, Boise Airport passengers are not being required to have their temperatures taken in order to fly.

Travel Restrictions: Ada County returned to a modified Stage 3 of the State of Idaho's Rebound Plan on June 24, 2020. Non-essential travel continues to locations that allow it and do not have ongoing transmission. The State of Idaho encourages a 14-day self-quarantine for people entering Idaho from another country or from an area outside Idaho with substantial community spread or case rates higher than Idaho. 

Airport Public Area Access Restrictions: The City of Boise's Public Health Emergency Order 20-09 states that access to the public areas of the Boise Airport terminal is restricted to individuals who can demonstrate they fall within one of the following categories:

  • Ticketed airlines passenger
  • An individual accompanying a ticketed airline passenger, provided the passenger needs assistance with arrival or departure
  • Individuals whose employment requires access to public area
  • Individuals who have been authorized by airport officials or have a business need to access the public areas
  • Individuals in vehicles who are at the passenger pick up and drop- off locations waiting for or dropping off ticketed passengers
  • Individuals in rental vehicles at the airport pick up and/ or drop off rental car locations

Beginning July 4, 2020 as part of City of Boise's Public Health Order 20-10

Boise Airport Facility Modifications

Cleaning: The Boise Airport has always maintained a robust cleaning regimen, however beginning in February, the airport began cleaning and sanitizing high-touch areas with increased frequencies. The airport uses CDC recommended cleaning products, and regularly cleans restrooms, seating, elevators, handrails, doors, etc.

Protective Shields: Plastic shields have been installed in high-traffic areas throughout the airport including; airline ticket counters, TSA security checkpoint, boarding gates, rental car counters, baggage service offices, and airport offices.

Restaurants: It’s our goal to continue providing an excellent passenger experience, and we will ensure some retail and food & beverage options remain open for our passengers. Currently, airport food and beverage options are limited, learn more about airport concessions.

Seating: The Boise Airport has removed approximately 30% of seating throughout the airport to enhance social distancing efforts.

In addition to these and other changes, the Boise Airport recommends all passengers and visitors to follow CDC guidelines to stay healthy. The Boise Airport works closely with Central District Health and will continue to monitor CDC and other federal, state and local rules and regulations to ensure its travelers, guests and employees stay safe and healthy.