5:08 PM
Friday, September 4, 2015 - 5:08 PM
Condition: 72.0°F - Fair
Dewpoint: 39.9 F (4.4 C)
Pressure: 1004.1 mb
Visibility: 10.00 miles
Wind: Variable at 6.9 MPH (6 KT)
Last Updated on Sep 4 2015, 3:53 pm MDT
2148 Alaska Airlines Seattle Landed 2:43PM
4458 Delta Air Lines Salt Lake City Landed 2:55PM
5167 United Airlines Chicago Landed 3:19PM
2035 Southwest Airlines Phoenix Landed 4:00PM
2533 Alaska Airlines Portland Landed 4:02PM
5187 United Airlines San Francisco Landed 4:31PM
2426 Alaska Airlines Seattle Active 4:48PM
1901 Southwest Airlines Las Vegas Active 5:15PM
6439 United Airlines Denver Active 5:17PM
4581 Delta Air Lines Seattle Active 5:26PM
2073 Alaska Airlines Spokane Scheduled 5:28PM
4509 Delta Air Lines Salt Lake City Scheduled 6:05PM
2323 Alaska Airlines Salt Lake City Scheduled 6:15PM
2223 Alaska Airlines Portland Scheduled 6:16PM
2140 Alaska Airlines Seattle Scheduled 6:40PM
2072 Alaska Airlines Sacramento Scheduled 6:46PM
2404 Alaska Airlines San Jose Scheduled 6:51PM
3483 Alaska Airlines San Diego Scheduled 6:52PM
2674 Southwest Airlines Spokane Scheduled 7:05PM
5247 United Airlines Los Angeles Scheduled 7:06PM
2417 Alaska Airlines Portland Scheduled 7:46PM
2168 Alaska Airlines Seattle Scheduled 8:10PM
4743 Delta Air Lines Salt Lake City Landed 3:10PM
2133 Alaska Airlines Seattle Active 3:15PM
4697 Delta Air Lines Seattle Active 3:30PM
6498 United Airlines Los Angeles Active 4:09PM
3117 Southwest Airlines Las Vegas Active 4:30PM
2538 Alaska Airlines Portland Active 4:35PM
5563 United Airlines Denver Scheduled 5:08PM
2247 Alaska Airlines Seattle Scheduled 5:20PM
1901 Southwest Airlines Spokane Scheduled 5:40PM
6352 United Airlines San Francisco Scheduled 5:47PM
2307 Alaska Airlines Portland Scheduled 6:00PM
4534 Delta Air Lines Salt Lake City Scheduled 6:05PM
4536 Delta Air Lines Seattle Scheduled 6:40PM
2231 Alaska Airlines Seattle Scheduled 6:50PM
2323 Alaska Airlines Portland Scheduled 6:55PM
2072 Alaska Airlines Spokane Scheduled 7:25PM
2674 Southwest Airlines Oakland Scheduled 7:30PM
2218 Alaska Airlines Lewiston Scheduled 7:30PM
3435 Alaska Airlines Seattle Scheduled 7:35PM
2535 Alaska Airlines Seattle Scheduled 8:35PM
2318 Alaska Airlines Portland Scheduled 8:40PM

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