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ALSF constructionBoise Airport serves as the primary commercial service airport in southwestern Idaho, but its service area (with a population in excess of 500,000) extends well into eastern Oregon. The master plan is a comprehensive guide for future improvements on the airfield and in the terminal area.


This project involves an extensive study of future (30-year) Airport facility needs, an analysis of alternatives, and documentation of the findings in an Airport Master Plan Update and Airport Layout Plan for Boise Airport (BOI).


The Master Plan Study and Airport Layout Plan is conducted in accordance with the requirements of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the City of Boise.


The FAA recommends Master Plan updates every five years, or as necessary to keep them current. BOI's current Master Plan update was published in April 2010. Since the last Master Plan update, BOI has completed several major projects and the aviation industry has undergone major changes. 



Executive Summary - 2009 Master Plan Update

Master Plan Update - 2010


Major Elements of the Master Plan Study

  1. Project Scoping and Public Outreach Program
  2. Inventory of Existing Information and Conditions
  3. Aviation Activity Forecasts
  4. Capacity Assessment and Facility Requirements Analysis
  5. Airport Alternatives for Meeting Future Facility Needs
  6. Refinement of Alternative Analysis
  7. Airport Layout Plan
  8. Implementation and Phasing Plan
  9. Financial Plan
  10. Environmental Assessment
  11. Final Documentation 


What we bring to the community:  Boise Airport serves the regional, national, and international needs of all segments of aviation.





  • Aviation infrastructure
  • Ability to grow/expand
  • Economic engine to region
  • Connection to the world
  • Visions of the future  
  • Connect world to regional opportunities and attractions
  • Economic development
  • Leadership


  • Environment
  • Low cost
  • Aviation friendly
  • Easy access
  • Business friendly
  • Sound and diverse financial responsibility
  • Customer service
  • Positive working relationships (airlines, FAA, FBOs, etc.)
  • High quality facilities
  • Aviation Security
  • Compliance with FAA safety standards
  • Good neighborSnow_web
  • Encroachment protection
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Accessibility
  • Check-in
  • Security
  • Terminal facilities
  • Food & Beverage
  • Retail Stores
  • Baggage Claim
  • Immigrations/Customs


  • Land
  • Weather
  • ILS
  • Favorable market
  • Terminal facilities
  • Growth potential
  • Spin-off development
  • Community
  • Diverse business
  • Location
  • Backcountry access
  • Source of employment (airlines, NIFC, military, etc.) 
  • Recreation
  • Natural resources
  • Airline connections
  • Low fares
  • Good growthTowerCrew
  • Self-supporting
  • Diverse aviation use
  • Balanced tax structure
  • Decent number of airlines
  • Growing city-pair markets
  • Protected airport environment (aviation easements)


  • Better financing systems
  • Awareness to others
  • Business Economic Development
  • TRACON completion for new FAA tower
  • Cross-over taxiway
  • Relocate NIFC
  • Relocate munitions storage
  • Extend 28L
  • Relocate air cargo
  • Develop 9/27 and landside infrastructure
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