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Reticulated Horizon (2004), by Lawrence Ko

Art at Boise Airport

The Boise Airport and the Boise City Department of Arts and History partner to integrate place-specific public art into the fabric of the airport environment to showcase the unique characteristics of our community, giving residents and visitors a welcoming sense of Southwest Idaho. 

We want travelers to have memorable moments within these walls. The art experienced here exists to add comfort, knowledge and beauty to everyone’s passage through this regional gateway.

Art integrated throughout the airport tells stories about our history, people and the surrounding environment. For example, the airfield was used as a training ground for World War II pilots, including Jimmy Stewart. To honor this history the airport commissioned Benjamin Victor to create the World War II aviator that welcomes visitors to the airport. 

World War II Aviator (2008), by Benjamin Victor

Wildland Firefighter (2005), by Lawrence Nowlan

The Boise Airport is home to the National Interagency Fire Center’s headquarters, which sends wildland firefighters to jump out of airplanes to fight flames; the sculpture of the wildland firefighter across from the World War II aviator recognizes their importance to the region.

As the community grows, so does the partnership between the Boise Airport and the Department of Arts & History. Integrated public art has been part of Boise’s airport since the new terminal was completed in 2005 and that will continue to be so. New construction gives us opportunities to expand our horizons and bring more stories into the city’s most visited public facility, making the guest experience more beautiful and informative.


Boise Airport Arts Master Plan: Land Side | Air Side is the first comprehensive review and visioning document for Boise Airport’s public art collection and program. This arts master plan for Boise Airport evaluates where we have been, builds on our existing art collection and presents a cohesive path forward for exhibitions of local culture and history, and for new works of public art. Art and history will be integrated into the built environment to add color, texture, and surprising experiences for people of all ages.

Review the Arts Master Plan


The Percent-for-Art Program 

Annually, 1% of eligible new capital projects funding is set aside to commission or purchase and install public art, with .4% set aside to provide for administration, maintenance, and education about artworks. These funds are collected and managed by Airport staff and the projects are identified jointly with Arts & History Public Art Division staff, who implement the project management for public art projects. Boise Airport staff provides annual updates to Arts & History staff regarding budget allocations and projected budgets for upcoming capital projects.