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BOI Carbon Offsets

Interested in Carbon Offsets? 

The Boise Airport is proud to serve as a gateway for our region, connecting Idahoans to many communities across the nation.

As climate change continues to shift the Treasure Valley's seasons, rainfall, snowpack, air quality and water availability, passengers at the Boise Airport may be curious about how they can travel more responsibly. The following resources are provided to help you learn more about carbon offset programs. We encourage you to investigate the environmental value and effectiveness of projects funded through carbon offsets. The Boise Airport does not endorse any specific carbon offset program.

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change estimates that the aviation industry is responsible for 2-3% percent of worldwide greenhouse gas emissions. While emissions from operations at the Boise Airport alone are relatively small, we are part of a global web of activities that affect air quality and greenhouse gases. As a department within the City of Boise, the Boise Airport is collaborating with local partners, businesses, and individuals to move the needle on climate change. Connecting our passengers with information on purchasing carbon credits to offset their emissions from air travel is one such action.