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BOI Ground Transportation

The majority of ground transportation services for Boise Airport are located on the lower level roadway outside of the baggage claim area, with the exception of Rideshare services. On the lower level, cross to the median and look for the color coded curbs.

Taxis: Black curb
Courtesy Shuttles: Green curb
Paid Shuttles: Blue curb
Buses: Purple curb
Rideshare (Lyft & Uber): Upper curb, east end

Rideshare - Lyft and Uber

Rideshare operators, Lyft and Uber, have a designated pick-up and drop-off locations at the Boise Airport.

Pick-up Location - Upper Curb, East End
Passengers who have requested rides should follow rideshare wayfinding signage to the second-floor rotunda exit door and follow the curb to the right to meet their driver.  

Drop-Off Location - Upper Curb
Passengers arriving at the airport via a rideshare service will be dropped off at their specified airline location on the upper curb.

Helpful Tips

  • Wait to request your ride until after you’ve claimed your luggage at baggage claim or have arrived at the pick-up location.
  • Rideshare drivers are not allowed to solicit customers and payment is made in the mobile app.
  • Rides may only be requested through the mobile apps.
  • Before you get into a rideshare vehicle, make sure the license plate, car make and model, and driver name match what is in the app.


Hotel Shuttles: Some area hotels offer courtesy shuttle services to/from the Boise Airport. These shuttles will pick up at the green curb.

Economy Lot Parking Shuttle: While operating, this shuttle will pick passengers up at the green curb.

Paid Shuttles (Blue curb pick up):

Salt Lake Express 
Offering transportation services to: Burley, Idaho Falls, Jerome, Mountain Home, Twin Falls, Pocatello, Rexburg, Island Park, West Yellowstone (MT), Salt Lake City (UT), Logan (UT) and more.

Sun Valley Express
Transportation to Sun Valley, ID.


Bus companies serving the Boise Airport include:

Valley Ride
Regional public transportation authority for Ada and Canyon counties. Schedules and maps are located near the 1st Floor Rotunda elevator. Regular service to Boise Airport.

Flying J Travel Plaza
3353 South Federal Way, Boise, ID 83705