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Business at BOI

Updated PFC Notice

Notice to All Air Carriers Serving Boise Airport

Pursuant to Section §158.23(a) of 14 CFR Part 158 regulations governing Passenger Facility Charges (PFCs), Boise City hereby provides notice of an official consultation meeting with air carriers serving Boise Airport, regarding the submission of proposed PFC Application No. 7. This meeting is intended to discuss the submission of a new "Impose and Use" PFC Application No. 7 to the FAA.

Airport Credentialing

Schedule Your Badge Appointment

The Boise Airport Credentialing Office is responsible for processing access media applications and distributing badges and keys. All Credentialing needs must be scheduled, which includes application submittal, initial computer-based training (CBT), badge renewal, NOV retraining, key requests, and signatory training.

Make A Payment

T-Hangar Tenants Can Now Pay Rent Online

Boise Airport T-Hangar Tenants can now use the online portal to pay monthly invoices.