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BOI Boise Airport Completes Full-Scale Disaster Exercise


Aug 08, 2019

Contact: Sean Briggs
Boise Airport Marketing Manager

Boise Airport Completes Full-Scale Disaster Exercise

 This morning, the Boise Airport completed a full-scale disaster exercise in accordance with Federal Aviation Administration rules and regulations. The staged scenario played out over a condensed timeline with efforts to make it as realistic as possible. Nearly 60 volunteers participated to resemble injured persons and distraught family members.

The exercise allowed multiple agencies to test their preparedness in the event of a major aviation incident at the Boise Airport. Participating agencies were able to evaluate emergency response systems, techniques, capabilities, and communication networks as they relate to a major aircraft incident.

The exercise took place on the airport’s training strip (third runway) south of Gowen Road and utilized a Boeing 727 aircraft donated by FedEx for airport training purposes in 2011.

The Boise Airport, as a certificate Class 1 Airport, is required by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to hold a full-scale emergency exercise every three years.

The Scenario
Pegasus Airlines flight 49, a chartered flight inbound to BOI, experiences an in-flight emergency when the landing gear fails to extend. Upon landing the aircraft loses control and is disabled on the runway.

Participating Agencies
Boise Airport
Boise Fire Department
Boise Police Department
Ada County Dispatch
Ada County Emergency Management
Ada County Paramedics
Central District Health
St. Luke’s Hospital
Air St. Luke’s
Saint Alphonsus Hospital
The Red Cross
Idaho Air National Guard
Allegiant Airlines


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