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BOI Credentialing Forms & Documents

Credentialing Forms and Documents

The Boise Airport Credentialing Office is responsible for processing access media applications and distributing badges and keys. Certain badging processes require taking fingerprints, processing background checks, and administering training. Most training classes are computer based and are available during regular business hours. 

All credentialing needs must be scheduled, which includes application submittal, initial computer-based training (CBT), badge renewal, NOV retraining, key requests, and signatory training. 

All badge renewals are now required to complete an updated badge application and have it signed by a current company signatory.

Schedule a training or badge renewal appointment

Schedule an application submittal appointment

Schedule a key issuance/request appointment

Current Hours:

Monday - Thursday 7:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.
Friday 7:00 a.m. - Noon
Closed Weekends (Sat. & Sun.) and Holidays 

Airport Credentialing is located on the third floor of the airport near the administrative offices.


With the ever evolving COVID-19 response we are doing our best in the Credentialing Office to continue operations as close to normal as possible while supporting the health and safety of our staff and badge holders. Below are the updated measures that have been implemented in the Credentialing Office in response to COVID-19 measures: 

  • Five computer stations are available with every other computer station shut down in an effort to support social distancing.
  • Badge payments will be taken in the Credentialing Office as the Accounting Office will be closed. The Credentialing Office will accept credit cards or checks. Cash will not be accepted. These measures are taken in an abundance of caution in order to help employees and badge holders feel safe while conducting credentialing needs during this time. If you are feeling unwell and have immediate credentialing needs, contact the Credentialing staff to inform the office and place your credentialing needs “on hold.”



Credentialing Forms and Documents