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BOI Commercial Development

Commercial Development

As an essential form of business transportation, BOI has helped shape the size and structure of the local business landscape. Warehousing, office parks, hotels and aviation-related operations have been attracted to the efficiency, convenience and proximity of the airport. Boise Airport also serves as the gateway for tourists and business travelers creating that important first impression for our region.

BOI is also a land of opportunity as the airport owns or controls more than 5,000 acres surrounding the airfield. A street relocation project has opened up more land for development and much needed space for general aviation facilities, including hangar space which is at capacity. The Terminal and concourse area footprint allow for a mirror image of the existing terminal and B Concourse, effectively doubling passenger capacity to more than 6 million annually.

It is this proactive approach that makes BOI a perfect partner for business activities around the airport and a catalyst for economic development throughout the region, from warehousing and logistics to corporate headquarters and high tech operations.

For information about developing or expanding your business at BOI, please contact Airport Administration at 208-383-3110 or send us an email at

SkyWest Hangar

130,000 SqFt SkyWest Maintenance Hangar, completed in 2015