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BOI Master Plan

Airport Master Plan

The master plan study update, which began in 2016, is a comprehensive planning study that describes short, medium, and long-term development plans to meet future aviation demand. The goal of the master plan is to provide the framework needed to guide future airport development that will cost-effectively satisfy aviation demand, while considering potential environmental and socioeconomic impacts. This project involves an extensive study of future (30-year) airport facility needs, an analysis of alternatives, and documentation of the findings in an airport master plan update and airport layout plan for Boise Airport.

Throughout the study the airport hosted open houses so key stakeholders and the public could be briefed on the master plan progress and provide feedback. 

The airport held four public meetings to review and discuss the following items:

  • Master plan goals
  • Inventory of existing facilities and forecasts of future aviation activity
  • Facility requirements and facility alternatives
  • Preferred Alternatives and the capital improvement plan

The master plan study and airport layout plan are conducted in accordance with the requirements of the Federal Aviation Administration and the City of Boise.

The FAA recommends master plan updates every five years, or as necessary to keep them current. The Boise Airport's current master plan update was published in 2020.

2020 Airport Master Plan Update

2020 Cultural Resources Report

Major Elements of the Master Plan Study

  • Project Scoping and Public Outreach Program
  • Inventory of Existing Information and Conditions
  • Aviation Activity Forecasts
  • Capacity Assessment and Facility Requirements Analysis
  • Airport Alternatives for Meeting Future Facility Needs
  • Refinement of Alternative Analysis
  • Airport Layout Plan
  • Implementation and Phasing Plan
  • Financial Plan
  • Environmental Assessment
  • Final Documentation


Previous Master Plan Study

2009 Master Plan Executive Study

2010 Master Plan